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Chiêm Exotics is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. We specialize in growing carnivorous plants. We are captivated by these amazing plants and want to share that passion with others. Chiem Exotic Plants is owned and operated by Jacky Chiêm , a longtime carnivorous plant hobbyist.

We stock rare and exotic, strange and beautiful plan​ts. ​We maintain a product list that includes many species and hybrids - both seed grown and tissue cultured clones. Currently we only stock Nepenthes but in the near future we will also stock Sarracenia, Tropical Drosera, Heliamphora and Cephalotus.

  • Our Nepenthes are greenhouse hardened and ready to grow.

  • Quality is very important to us and we do our best to offer you plants we would only choose for ourselves.

  • We strive to nurture existing customer relationships and create new ones.

  • We guarantee live arrival.


Contact Information: Chiem Exotic Plants

Customer Service: / (+84)908889789

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